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Prépa rando hivernale vendredi 9 décembre .

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Maksim Ustinov
Maksim Ustinov

1920x1080 Void Wallpaper [1920x1080]. Black Hol...

Take a break from business and admit that the vast expanses of the black hole in the 4K universe are a platonic paradise for you. Looking at this mystical live wallpaper, you forget about the world around you and are consumed by a deep dream. Gradually, colors and brightness are transformed on such a large scale that you no longer have a clue where you are - far away in space or in the paradise dimension. This live wallpaper is completely customized with exciting adventures, journeys and mysteries that are waiting for you to reveal them.

1920x1080 void wallpaper [1920x1080]. Black hol...

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The new supermassive black hole, known as J1144, is around 500 times as massive as Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way, which was recently photographed for the first time. A ring of superhot plasma around the enormous void also emits around 7,000 times more light than our entire galaxy.

The team is now trying to determine why the massive black hole remains so unusually hungry for matter. The scientists suspect that a catastrophic cosmic event must be responsible for the birth of this gargantuan void. "Perhaps two big galaxies crashed into each other, funneling a whole lot of material onto the black hole to feed it," Onken said. 041b061a72

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