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Incredibox Mechanic Mod APK: A New and Exciting Music Experience

In July 2011, the team decided to set up their French company, So Far So Good, which specialized in graphic design and multimedia to continue to develop their idea and "try to transform Incredibox into a professional project" as it is explained by Allan (also director of SFSG) in a video interview.[8] They decided to work half time on creative projects for customers and half time on Incredibox. The team set up the Incredibox's web page and begin going into development of a new version of Incredibox, which became more revolutionary and completely changed the design and mechanics of the game. They launched a second version of Incredibox (Little Miss) in March 2012, a third one (Sunrise) in October 2013, and a fourth one (The Love) in November 2014. Each version integrating with new sounds, new character designs and new features like a recording mode, allowing users to share their mix via an URL, or by adding colors on characters and unique accessories to better identify each sound.[9]

incredibox mechanic mod apk


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