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Download Firetrust Mail Washer Pro7 Rar

Receiving spam is like those telemarketers who call at dinner time, downright annoying, and you didn't ask for it. Install MailWasher today to screen all your email accounts in one place and allow only the email you want in your inbox. Your remaining good email is downloaded to your PC or mobile device, saving you from receiving any spam or email viruses. View everything about your messages before they get to your computer so you can determine if they're spam, scams, or good email.

Download Firetrust Mail Washer Pro7 rar

16. Get more of your email from the recycle binMailWasher by default only downloads the first 50 lines of an email. This is to ensure speedy checking, but when you want to restore an email from the recycle bin, only the first 50 lines will be rescued. So you may find attachments are lost. You can tell MailWasher to download more of the email when checking in the Settings General Spam Throttle. Just move the slider along until you get the desired amount of lines to download.17. Where did that email really come from?If you're unsure about the legitimacy of an email, in the preview pane, click on the 'Source' tab and you'll see all sorts of information about where the email came from. Most of it is quite technical but you'll usually come across something which might tell you that the email is, or is not legitimate.18. How do I auto-delete every email, except only from those people on my friend's list?Some people only want email from users on their friend's list, and to delete everything else automatically. We can use a filter to achieve this. Go to Settings >> Spam Tools >> Filters and 'Add Filter'. Then add a filter like so. Next click on the 'Action' tab and set it to auto-delete. You may want to only mark emails first just to check it's working as you expect, then when you feel confident it's marking the correct emails, set it to auto-delete.

19. Help, I keep getting the same emails downloaded in to MailWasher, even though I downloaded them to my computerSometimes it may look like messages are stuck in MailWasher after downloading your emails to your email program. Most of the time you can simply press the 'Check Mail' button to clear the screen, but if this doesn't work, it's most likely you have your email program set to' leave messages on the server'.To help you understand, your messages are not stuck in MailWasher as Mailwasher does not actually keep a copy of the mail, it just checks it on the server and downloads a portion of the message so you can then see if it is spam and decide to delete, or keep it. It is in fact, your email program which is giving the command to leave messages on the server, so when checking, MailWasher just downloads all those emails again since there's a copy on the server. You may have reasons for leaving this setting on, but if it's causing problems then follow these instructions about how to turn it off.20. Filters/Tagging emailFilters allow you to make MailWasher Pro tag email as good, neutral or spam.You can specify certain words or combinations of words that, if they appear in the Subject, Body, From and/or To fields of the email will trigger an automatic categorization of the email within MailWasher Pro. You can even tag emails so they display in MailWasher in a different color.Filters can also be useful for identifying legitimate email. You may receive an email from a list via a company whose product and news you want to know about but this email might be ordinarily identified as spam. Using the filters function you are able to instruct MailWasher Pro that you want to receive this email.Tip: If you want to block out a whole string of words, instead of trying to write a filter for each word, use regular expressions instead.Regular expressions are powerful tools that make writing filters easier.Let's say you wanted to be notified of the following words in an email:free, money, casino, deal, credit and $Instead of writing six separate filters - regular expressions let you put them on one line with a pipe separating them, like this:"Body" "Contains" "RegEx" freemoneycasinodealcredit$See Advanced Features for more information about writing filters.21. Keyboard ShortcutsYou can use keys instead of the mouse to navigate within MailWasher Pro.[ARROW DOWN] Move down one message[PAGE UP] Move up one page[PAGE DOWN] Move down one page[ESC] Exits preview[DELETE] Marks for Delete[D] Marks for Delete[B] Marks for Bounce[R] Marks for Report[+] Adds to Friend's List[-] Adds to Blacklist[ENTER] Preview[SPACE] Preview[F5] Check Mail[F6] Process mail[C] Clear message list[F7] Launch email application[F8] Display Accounts window[CTRL + [F6]] View Preview pane[CTRL + [F7]] Show/Hide Friend's and Filter Sidebar[CTRL + [A]] Select all[CTRL + [S]] Show Settings window[CTRL + [T]] Show/Hide Evaluation Sidebar[CTRL + [Shift] + [M]] Maximise22. Blacklist and Friendlist getting large?The friend's list and blacklist have a quick search feature too. Just enter any part of an email address and those email addresses will quickly filter to the top.23. Are you getting spam from your own email address?Are you sick of spam masquerading as though its from yourself? I think we've all received spam at some time which looks like it comes from ourselves. One of our users kindly sent in a filter to recognize this spam and so we'd like to share it with you.Make your own filter by going to Settings Spam Tools Filters and then click Add Filter and make a filter like this (but make sure you use your own email address).

24. Think you are losing emails?First you should check if the email came through Mailwasher Pro.Have a look in the Mailwasher recycle bin. Each and every email which has been processed by Mailwasher is listed in the recycle bin, even if it was not deleted by Mailwasher. Essentially the recycle bin is like a log file of what Mailwasher was doing. In the Recycle Bin click the "Show All Email Logged' check box. Now look up the email in question in the Mailwasher recycle bin and check if it is displayed as deleted. If it is not displayed as deleted, then you can be sure it was not deleted by Mailwasher.Quite often the source of the problem is another spam filter. To understand, I should explain how Mailwasher and your email program works together. Mailwasher checks for new email and cleans your inbox from spam and unwanted emails. Then your mail program starts and you have to click send/receive to download the emails. You see, Mailwasher does not send anything to your email program, but the email program downloads the remaining good emails from the mail server entirely by itself. Now here is where the culprit (other spam filter) sneaks in and redirects the email to a different folder than the usual inbox folder of your email program.Outlook for example has its own spam filter and moves all email it evaluates as spam, into the Junk mail folder. Outlook Express doesn't use such a spam filter but there is an option to add addresses to a blocked sender list. Have a look and be sure none of the addresses is in Outlook Express tools message rules blocked sender list.There are many more programs out there which use a spam filter and unfortunately some of them do not do a good job. So if you suffer from lost email via spam filtration then remember to check, if there is another tool on your machine responsible for redirecting the good email into a different location. Sometimes it helps to search your computer for the subject line of the lost email because some spam filters don't even create another folder in your mail program, but instead keep the emails in a completely different location. You can find the subject line in the Mailwasher recycle bin.HAVE A SPECIFIC QUESTION NOT ANSWERED HERE?Check out the Support Page, or send our friendly support team an email with your question.

MailWasher Crack lets you preview all your email before it gets to your computer or mobile device, enabling you to read all your email securely, and instantly delete any unwanted or suspicious email. Your remaining good email is downloaded to your PC or mobile device, saving you from receiving any spam or email viruses. 041b061a72

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