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Prépa rando hivernale vendredi 9 décembre .

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Ozhenja Xwilliams

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Noir is an Adventure, Puzzle, 2D Platformer and Fighting video game developed by WildBren for multiple platforms. The game revolves around the player, who takes the role of a young man named Arnaud. The story of the game takes place in Paris in 1984, where the first cyber-war has started. The game places you in the role of the hero, who is looking for his family members as he travels through the city streets. The game offers a thrilling plot, remarkable characters, realistic graphics and visual effects, glorious environments, and a lot of other features. The gameplay revolves around solving puzzles, fight, and survive throughout the journey, where the player needs to overcome different obstacles and enemies. It features prominent character of Jonathan Krelitzky, who has undergone a cyber-attack. The player needs to help him and also collect the other data. To do so, the player explores various locations of the city, where he has to solve puzzles using various objects and items, fight the enemy, and survive.

Ariel is a Action-Adventure, Combat, Puzzle, and Virtual Reality video game by Madjack Developments, and published by Madjack Studios for multiple platforms. The game is an epic and thrilling adventure, which revolves around a young princess named Ariel as she sets forth to a safe and magical world, where she hopes to find her father and bring justice to the merfolk. As the player explores the aquatic world, he comes across various puzzles, some of which he has to solve in order to pass through the levels. The game includes different levels with different puzzles, quests, scenarios, enemies, and more. 3d9ccd7d82

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