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[S3E5] Carmen's Dating

[S3E5] Carmen's Dating >>>

President George W. Bush comes to speak at Powers Brothers Aviation and everything becomes a mess. Jack wants George to cut his hair but George likes his hair the way it is. Benny has started dating a 42-year-old man named Randy (Nick Offerman) without telling George. During the president's speech, Carmen comes to the factory and disrupts it and George grounds her for a month for almost costing him his job. After the speech, George steals it from his desk. This results in the Secret Service coming to George's house to ask about the President's speech, but George doesn't admit to stealing it. Then, Jack forces George to cut his hair or he will show the camera footage of George taking the speech. George returns to the factory, and the police arrest him for punching Manny.

The episode opens with Sam shooing Maxine (Kim Lankford), a good-looking but obviously disappointed woman, out of his office. The rest of the gang assumes this is just Sam The Casanova dumping another conquest, but he explains it's something different. Sam found out that Maxine was married, and for all his skirt-chasing ways, he has a firm rule against dating married women.

Actually Pretty Funny: Diane can't resist dropping one pun after another when Sam reveals to her that he accidentally shot himself in the behind. Even Sam soon finds himself struggling to keep it together at her quips. Basement-Dweller: This is the first episode where it's mentioned that Cliff lives at home with his mom. This, alongside with his Cannot Talk to Women extreme social awkwardness, would be a defining feature of the character. Epic Fail: Sam tries to jump-kick Marvin, who is just a little out of range, and only ends up falling on his still-injured ass. Everyone Has Standards: Sam may be a relentless hound, but there are things he doesn't do, and one of those is dating an already married woman. He also doesn't date the underage or comatose, prompting Norm to remark "hey, he's added one." Hurricane of Puns: In-Universe, as Diane can't resist making constant "shot in the ass" puns at Sam's expense. I Just Shot Marvin in the Face: Sam's carelessness with a loaded gun gets himself shot in the butt. Pants-Positive Safety: Rather than, say, holding the gun with the barrel pointed down, Sam sticks it in his back pocket. Bad idea. Shot in the Ass: Sam manages to shoot himself in the butt after being careless with Marvin's gun. Shout-Out to Shakespeare: Diane does not take long to figure out that something is fishy about Sam's story of how he got shot. Diane: Coach, I think there's something rotten in the state of Denmark. Coach: It's all that cheese. Show Some Leg: Diane does this in an attempt to distract Marvin, who is holding Sam at gunpoint. Tempting Fate: Sam takes the gun from Marvin after Marvin has calmed down, saying he'll "put it someplace where it's not going to do any damage." It does some damage. The Tooth Hurts: Carla unwillingly goes to the dentist for a toothache. She gets through it by grabbing the dentist "where I knew I'd get his attention" and saying "We're not going to hurt each other, are we"

During this shocking episode, Martha faced a myriad of problems with her health, family, and cluttered home. Her hoarding habit most likely began years before, when she got pregnant and found out the man she was dating was actually married to another woman. A situation like that would be enough to upset anyone. In an attempt to cope with things, she began accumulating (or, in her words, "collecting") all kinds of stuff, including clothes, antiques, and jewelry.

Before reality shows had the high production values of today, there were MTV reality shows. In the golden years between 2000 and 2010, we were bombarded with wonderfully awful (and sometimes straight-up fabulous) amounts of drama with shows like Room Raiders, Next, and Date My Mom, playing on repeat. There are some that were genuinely good and impossible to forget (we're looking at you Jersey Shore, The Hills, and

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