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What are the features of Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise V10.0?

What are the features of Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise V10.0?

Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise V10.0 is a platform that enables you to create scalable, high-performing web applications with less code. It offers a modular, secure, and containerized approach to building applications that can run across multiple cloud providers or on-premises. Here are some of the features of Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise V10.0:

  • Modularisation: You can install only the services your application needs and nothing more. Modularisation lets you continuously integrate small pieces of code and deliver applications quickly and seamlessly[^1^].

  • NoSQL database: You can optimize the scale-up architecture offered by AWS DynamoDB and MongoDB to handle large volumes of data with the built-in productive interface to NoSQL databases[^1^].

  • Cloud integration: You can seamlessly manage your infrastructure and reduce downtime by quickly connecting to the Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS) database, storage, messaging, Amazon RDS, and email services. You can also move services from one cloud service provider to another without having to rewrite your application each time[^1^].

  • DevOps integration: You can easily integrate ColdFusion with the existing continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline to deliver value faster to your customers. With the REST Playground application, you can create and manage all your REST services from a single source[^1^].

  • API management: You can measure, monetize, and manage your APIs with the built-in API management platform. You can build a successful, cost-effective API program by managing, securing, and transforming APIs across their lifecycles. You can also get a better understanding of how your APIs are being used with a user-friendly dashboard[^1^].

  • Security: You can secure your codes and safeguard your servers faster with the auto lockdown installer. You can use the code analyzer to automatically detect and fix code vulnerabilities and potential security breaches. You can also easily prevent cross-site scripting attacks and clickjacking[^1^].

  • Productivity: You can achieve faster time to market by using a platform that simplifies web development in enterprise environments. You can create and manipulate PDF documents, interact with other services, and write complex business logic with fewer lines of code[^1^].

  • Scalability: You can scale resources on the fly by creating and managing multiple server instances in a clustered or virtualized environment. You can eliminate concerns about memory constraints to store session data by configuring an external distributed store to retain session data outside memory[^1^].

  • Microservices: You can deliver complex applications as a group of smaller individual and independent services that are robust and flexible. You can publish and access web services with fewer lines of code. You can use REST Playground to create and manage all your REST services and docker images at scale and deploy applications in any environment[^1^].

If you want to learn more about Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise V10.0 features, you can visit this page.

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