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RealHack 3.5 To Enable RealView In SolidWorks 2010 - 2013 74 _VERIFIED_

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RealHack 3.5 To Enable RealView In SolidWorks 2010 - 2013 74 _VERIFIED_

before we begin, ill mention the main features of the graphic cards i will be using. these are the cards that come bundled with a quadro2000 series graphics card, which have a higher quality panel than the 2000 series cards. the quadro3000 series graphics cards are 1.3x the speed of the 2000 series, and for most cases this is more than enough for solidworks. if your budget is high, you can also consider the quadro5000 series graphics cards which are about 2x the speed of the 3000 series. for a more cost effective solution, you can also go for a card from the nvidia 200 series, which are on par with the 3000 series cards, but have a smaller feature set.

to add to the above. i bought the dell precision m7510 (yes, its expensive, but it will last a long time) and it came with solidworks 2010 and some tool packs. you can see the hardware configuration in the image below.

i installed and updated all the appropriate drivers for this computer and a cheap graphics card (a gigabyte p55-ud3-b3 motherboard with a sapphire radeon hd 4890 1gb graphics card) and it still showed the greyed out realview icon under the view menu. this tells me that there is some sort of hardware problem or drivers conflict.

i also found that if the "use software opengl" checkbox was ticked, then after opening solidworks, the menu (view->display->realview) was greyed out. this is why the medion md8855 computer worked properly, as the driver was already installed correctly.

so, i spoke to dell support again and they recommended that i install the latest version of the ati catalyst drivers (version 10.1), as this would solve the problem. i did this and the realview graphics icon became active again. 3d9ccd7d82

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