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What is the difference between a wedding ring, engagement ring and Matching Rings For Couples?

Do you want to gift a ring your partner? You'd like the chance to propose to her but aren't sure what to pick for an engagement ring. The SO OR team has thought of you. In this blog post, we'll discuss the various kinds of rings we offer like wedding rings, engagement rings, or even promise rings. How to choose them.

Origins and symbolism

The promise ring is one of the most popular rings available today. It is a ring we give to our loved ones or to someone who is dear to us to signify promises. of eternal love and fidelity. It is a symbol that is a symbol of trust between two people who agree to remain in love forever. But, it doesn't require marriage as the primary result. It is a symbol of unending love and trust. It can also be presented prior to an engagement.

Your promise ring symbolizes of your affection, so it is crucial that you choose it carefully.

When is the best time to give a promise band?

There are no rules on when to gift the promise ring. It can be an anniversary of the couple, Valentine's Day or a symbolic event.

Where do you wear your promise ring?

There are no cultural regulations. It is based on your preferences and what you believe. It can be worn around the neck with chains that have a fine mesh. However, it could also be worn on the left ring finger of the left or right hand, depending on your preference.

How do you select a promise ring

There are no cultural restrictions as well. However, it tends to be more modest than an engagement ring. The most popular designs are typically the heart or the infinity symbol.

The SO OR team selected for you a variety of rings for promise that will bring joy to your partner.

Origins and symbolism

To begin with, the engagement ring's origins are in Antiquity. In fact, the beliefs at the time were based on the belief that the ring finger was directly connected to the heart. This is why rings were placed on the left hand, and in particular the finger with the ring, to symbolize eternal love. In addition, gifting rings to one's prospective wife also meant that the dowry paid to the in-laws.

Today, the gift of an engagement ring is very symbolic and traditional, as it is a true proof of love and commitment to your loved one leading to a vow of marriage.

The engagement ring is a symbol of your commitment and must be chosen carefully.

When is the right time to gift an engagement ring to your partner?

There are no strict rules. Generally, we offer an engagement ring upon proposing or presenting about 1 year before the wedding date, but this will vary based on the couple. But, the request can be made at other times, such as at times such as a symbolic date, Christmas, Valentine's Day or even the birthday of a person.

Where should you wear your engagement ring?

The ring finger on the left hand is the most common choice because, according to ancient legends, this finger was linked to the veins of the heart.

Middle finger: You can put your engagement ring on the middle finger. Since it is the longest finger on your hand, it will be more prominent and you'll be able show it off to your friends.

Wedding ring The engagement ring you choose to wear can be worn on the same finger with your wedding ring.

How do you pick the best engagement ring

A ring that resembles her. Look up her style: elegant, traditional, elegant, alternative. The engagement ring will be worn daily by the couple, therefore it must be crafted to the couple.

Budget It is an important present. The engagement ring can represent an investment in.

The The most popular material for engagement rings is gold.

Check out our article on precious gems and birthstones. Diamond is the most commonly used stone used in engagement rings. You can choose between opting for ruby, which is a symbol of love because of its color or sapphire that symbolizes dedication and loyalty.

Volume: Take into consideration that your fiancee may want to keep wearing it after the wedding superimposed on her wedding ring, so it is advisable to choose a ring that is not excessively large.

The setting: There are three main kinds of engagement rings:

Solitaire: The most well-known, a classic and timeless that will delight your partner. Solitaires are composed of one stone. They can be claw set.

The shouldered solitaire is a timeless piece that will please your fiancée. Solitaires with shouldered designs feature a central stone and are surrounded by small stones around it.

The trilogy: A real symbol of commitment. The trilogy is comprised of three stones that symbolize your love's journey, which includes the present, past and future.

The SO OR team has selected for you a range of engagement rings that you can present your loved ones to propose to her.

Origins and symbolism

The wedding ring is also a product of Antiquity as is the engagement ring. Indeed, at that time it was believed that giving a ring your fiancee meant the union of two families: the dowry was paid. Many believe that giving someone a ring symbolizes eternal love and a long life. It was during the 9th century, thanks to the Catholic Church that we begin to talk about alliances. Since then, wedding rings and vows were exchanged during the wedding.

The wedding ring today is a jewel that symbolizes eternal love and also the union of two souls.

It is important to choose your wedding ring with care, as a symbol of marriage and union between two individuals. These gems are your constant companions.

When should you offer a wedding band?

On the wedding day, a wedding ring is handed out. The exchange of rings after the wedding ceremony is a symbolic and significant occasion.

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