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Prépa rando hivernale vendredi 9 décembre .

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Maksim Ustinov
Maksim Ustinov

Wall Street (1987)HD

One thing that I really admire about your presentation of Wall Street (1987) is that you presented and analyzed the idea of greed as a force for the overall good very well. I do not necessarily agree. In my opinion, greed is a force for good only for the person who gains. Everyone else loses. What drives one man or woman forward can hold back hundreds of others. After all, an individual can go fast but a group can go far. Regardless of what I believe, however, I think you presented the central theme really well. I noticed a sort of connection to Serpico, with the main character trying to resist being tempted by the greed presented by higher-ups who succumb to it. A bang-up job!

Wall Street (1987)HD

otsoNY Comments: It is suggested in this scene that James Spader's character Roger Barnes's office is in the Citigroup Center at the corner of 53rd Street and Lexington Avenue in midtown Manhattan, but when Bud leaves the building, it is clearly not the famous stilt-balancing tower, but in fact the tall building at the corner of 56th street and Madison Avenue.

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