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Driver Pinnacle Systems Callisto Rev 70 16

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the dv500 is very easy to use. it comes with software and is also compatible with windows xp, vista, or windows 7. you can download it from and it is free. you will need to download the drivers from

the callisto 10 is the ultimate performance loudspeaker. it offers a much wider tonal range than a midrange-dominated speaker thanks to its unique hybrid tweeter. it is driven by a patented horn tweeter and a neodymium magnet which is the heaviest of its kind. this combination makes it the most dynamic speaker in the dali line and with a power handling of 80 watts per channel, the callisto 10 can produce astonishing bass in a compact design. this speaker is as dynamic as it is powerful. you will be able to hear the background noises in your room, it is not a silent speaker. the callisto 10 is fitted with a passive subwoofer and when combined with the amplifier, it can produce astonishing bass. the callisto 10 is the ultimate performance loudspeaker, the competition is over.

the callisto 6 is an entry-level model which is an excellent loudspeaker for most listening rooms. it is exceptionally dynamic, powerful and accurate, and it offers a wide tonal range. the callisto 6 is a very portable speaker with a weight of only 1.4kg/3.0lbs. this speaker can be easily placed in the middle of a listening room, and thanks to its compactness, it can be used in any space. the callisto 6 is a perfect speaker for music, games, movies, etc.

the callisto pro is a true audiophile loudspeaker. it offers a wide tonal range, accurate and dynamic sound and excellent soundstaging. with a weight of 2.4kg/5.0lbs, the callisto pro is very stable and can be moved from one room to another with ease. thanks to its enhanced tweeter technology and its neodymium magnets, it is one of the most dynamic speakers in the dali line. the callisto pro is the ultimate audiophile loudspeaker. 3d9ccd7d82

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